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Back to School!

Whatever back to school looks like for your family (our district is starting 100% virtual until at least mid-October), we have you covered for lunches! Unlike the Spring, where it was a free-for-all, this school year we'll be following the school schedule even though school is remote to start. SO, in an effort to help make it as "normal" as possible, we'll be packing lunches for each of our kids. That's where the good ol' PB&J will be our new BFF! We have many flavors of peanut/almond butters from our friends at The Peanut Principle, which all go great with the Boothbay Blue preserves from John and Meg Hartwell. Our current favorite sandwich is Jungle-A-Peel PB with Strawberry Preserves on some Vermont Bread. Of course, we'll be using Bee's Wrap in lieu of plastic sandwich bags or aluminum foil. As for snacks, our go-tos are beef sticks, string cheese, and the current favorite--Hudson Valley Fresh yogurt with a little granola sprinkled in! 

And as for this new school year--if you have any tips on this virtual learning, please share!

NEW Product alerts:
Speaking of Bee's Wrap, so excited that they now make it in a roll so you can cut it to your size needs!

Really excited to have added an organic salsa from Hudson Harvest (formerly known as Hudson Valley Harvest)! Made from organic vegetables grown right here in the Hudson Valley. Delish!

More new products coming soon!


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