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Make sure to set up a vacation hold on your account so no deliveries are made. It's easy to do:
Step 1 - Scroll over "My Account" and select "Delivery Hold" from the drop-down menu
Step 2 - Enter the dates you will be away and do not want deliveries made
Step 3 - Click "Add Vacation"
It's that simple! Please do not simply delete items from your orders if you will be gone for more then 2 weeks and have a recurring order set up. The system will generate the recurring order for dates beyond the 2 weeks visible. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 914-245-0409 or

Corey's Pickles Garlic Kosher Dill Chips (go great on those Pat LaFrieda burgers!) and Sweet Horseradish Chips!

NEW Product alerts: 

Mango Jalapeño Jam from Simply Jam - the jalapeño jams are a refreshing snack when paired with chevre or cream cheese on a cracker. They also make a fantastic glaze for salmon. Mango is a seasonal flavor that won't be around long. You can find all the jalapeño jams here. (Our personal favorite is raspberry on a cracker with some good!)

Beef Bites from Karl Family Farms - if you love the Bee Sting Jerky, you must try the beef bites. We have original and chili lime available. A tender beef bit, made from 100% grass fed beef and gluten free. These beef bites have no nitrites or nitrates (except those naturally occurring in sea salt & celery juice powder), and no preservatives. You can find them with our other beef products here

Morey & Me Dog Treats - if you wish you could bake treats for your pup from scratch, but just don't have the time (or if you are like us have a kitchen with no a/c that is about a thousand degrees these days) then you'll love this new find! Morey & Me dog treats are baked in small batches with all-natural and gluten-free ingredients, using zero preservatives. Their "Barkery" is located in the North Country, in New York State! You can check out Morey & Me products here

Natalie's Margarita Mix - just in time for Summer! From the folk's at Orchid Island, made with fresh limes, Florida pure cane sugar & water, this mix is honestly sourced, freshly handcrafted, and minimally processed. Blend with some tequila and ice, grab your chair poolside, and sit back & enjoy! You can find the mix with the rest of Natalie's juices or here.

Pilsudski Polish Style Mustard with Horseradish - Cindy's been on the hunt for a mustard for months and finally discovered this fantastic Polish style mustard from a family owned company in Pennsylvania. It has just the right amount of kick and will go great with a nice grilled Bratwurst from Sugar Hill Farm, or one of those delicious Pat LaFrieda hot dogs. You can find the Pilsudski mustard here

Pawlickers Dog Treat Dip from The Peanut Principle - all-natural with no additives. This dog treat dip is a fantastic treat for our furry friends. Put it on a dog biscuit, or use it to fill that kong toy. However you serve it up, your pup is sure to love it. You can find pawlickers here.

You asked for it, and we delivered - now available, Battenkill Valley Creamery's amazing Chocolate Milk in PINTS! (Note, pints are NOT available in glass bottles)

More new products coming soon! Have a suggestion? Let us know!


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