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Donuts are BACK! - Cinnamon & Sugar, Double Chocolate, and Lemon Poppyseed now available. 

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Our most recent product additions are as follows:

New produce offerings:
White Button Mushrooms
from Bulich Mushroom Farm
Red and Green
Organic Cabbage from Hepworth Farm
Red and Gold Organic Beets
from Hepworth Farm

A variety of soups and quiches from Pika's Farm Table. Quality ingredients and BUTTER crusts!

Upcycled Marinara and Spicy Arrabbiata sauces from Matriark Foods. Good for you and the planet!

Regenerative Organic Quinoa from SIMPLi

Raw Jack Style Cheese from Family Farmstead - made with their A2 milk

Fond Bone Broth Tonics - from grass-fed, regeneratively raised animals. These bone broths are infused with amazing organic herbs and spice combinations. Use them in recipes or simply as a hot beverage. There are SO MANY benefits to consuming bone broth on a daily basis. 

Hot Cocoa Mix and graham crackers from Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company


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This week's produce offerings are from the following Hudson Valley Farms: 

Dagele Brothers Produce Farm - started in 1919 by John and Josephine after they emigrated from Poland. Now operated by their grandsons, Frank, Robert and Randal Dagele the farm is located in the "Black Dirt" region of Orange County. This farming region sits on land that used to be the bottom of an ancient glacial lake. This provides the soil with rich nutrients, perfect for growing onions, lettuce and other greens. This week's potatoes, onions, and squash are coming in from Dagele Brothers.

Deep Roots Farm - located on 40 acres in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Copake, NY, they take pride in practicing 100% organic methods of farming and striving to be as sustainable as possible. At Deep Roots, nutrients are given back to the soil as they are taken, with continuous cover cropping, usage of innovative organic pest management methods and reduction of food waste by preservation of produce that is turned into value-added goods. Deep Roots is Certified Organic through NOFA-NY Certifiers and all Veggies are 100% USDA Certified Organic. Deep Roots Farm NY began in 2015 on One Acre in North Salem, NY. After quickly outgrowing that land they headed up to Columbia County, NY where land was more readily available and housing was more affordable. This week's sweet potatoes are from Deep Roots Farm.

Hepworth Farm - , established 1818, is a seventh-generation family farm in Milton, New York. The farm is located on the Hudson River approximately 75 miles north of New York City. After graduating from Cornell University in 1982, farmer Amy Hepworth assumed leadership and began the process of dechemicalization, transitioning from standard farming practices to a "whole systems approach." The farm is operated by Amy, her twin sister Gail Hepworth and Gerry Greco. Hepworth Farm is certified organic by Northeast Farming Association of New York. This week's beets, cabbage and red potatoes were grown on Hepworth Farm.

Sun Sprout Farm - located on New York’s famous black dirt in Chester, NY. The land is being leased from the Chester Agricultural Center as part of an innovative farmland preservation project that provides long term, stable leases for high quality farmland. All of their produce is USDA Certified Organic because they are committed to growing the highest quality and healthiest produce for their customers. This week's carrots come to us from Sun Sprout Farm. 

Radicle Farm - Radicle Farm was founded with one goal in mind: to explore the depths of fresh, flavorful and intriguing salad greens. Their journey has included years spent experimenting with countless seed varieties and growing methods in their New York and New Jersey greenhouses, conferring with New York City's top chefs, and partnering with like-minded, progressive farmers to find the very best leafy greens. The result is nutrient dense leafy greens, microgreens and edible flowers that are bursting with flavor, color and freshness. The location of their greenhouse space in upstate NY & NJ was chosen intentionally. They are able to employ rural and urban farmers, while maximizing the growing potential of otherwise forgotten spaces. 


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