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DID YOU HEAR? Badass Bagels are available for home delivery!
In case you missed our email over the weekend......
We are delighted to have partnered with Badass Bagels to offer their incredible sourdough bagels to our customers.
There are so many reasons to fall in love with these bagels! For starters, these are made with 100% wild yeast and are slowly fermented, naturally leavened, and made without the addition of commercial yeast. These bad boys are pampered! They get several days of relaxing, hours of hand rolling, and an early morning hop in the bath. The bagels are crunchy like a baguette, soft like a pretzel, and chewy, the way a bagel should be.
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This week's produce offerings are from the following Hudson Valley Farms: 

Bulich Mushroom Farm - Mushrooms
Dagele Brothers Produce Farm
- Broccoli Crowns, Onions
Juniper Hill Farm - Beets
Samascott Orchards - Sweet Potatoes
Sun Sprout Farm - Carrots, Potatoes


This delivery truck is empty!