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We've realized that with the addition of so many new products over the past few months, our shopping pages are rather annoying to navigate. Over the next few days we'll be moving things around, having main product categories, with subcategories that make it easier to find the products you love. Can't apologize enough for the jumble that it has become! So you may see new categories popping up and it will get a bit more cluttered. Until we set up all categories and products, we won't be removing the old categories. Kind of like doing that Spring Cleaning - it always looks worse before it gets better! 

New products are coming in fast and furious. You can see all new products on the New Products page

BBQ season is upon us!!! And for your grilling enjoyment, Tom has curated a grilling package! You can find this on the Featured Products page.
And when it comes to grilling, don't forget about theThundersnout line of Sauces and Rubs, as well as those pickle's from Corey for an added crunch! Arriving soon, buns for your burgers and dogs from Rockland Bakery!

Our most recent product additions are as follows:

Organic rice has arrived! From Chico Rice, a father and son rice farm in CA where they grow, mill and hand bag right on the farm. Dedicated to sustainability, being stewards of their land, and producing an amazing product, we are so happy to be working with them. Available in brown and blonde varieties, you can see the products and learn more about the farm here.

Organic white quinoa - naturally gluten-free, quinoa is considered a bit of a super food because it is considered a complete protein, is high in fiber, and high in minerals. It's great in salads, main courses, and even as a side dish on its own!

Organic Garam Masala Spice, Tandoori Masala Seasoning Blend, and Ghee Lip Balm from Pure Indian Foods.

HCO Shake
from our friends that brought us Hot Crispy Oil. Want the flavor without the oil? Then this is for you!

Thrilled to introduce you to Rockstarter Organics! Based right here in Westchester, these products are nutritionally balanced for kids ages 1 to 3 (but taste so good your older kids, and you too, will love them!). Made with 100% organic ingredients, with optimal fat and protein counts for growing brains and bodies. No juices, syrups, preservatives, or added sugar. As the founder says, "100% recognizable ingredients and zero junk". Precisely what we love about them!

Bok Choy, Spinach Bunches, and Asparagus in the Produce "aisle".

Saag Paneer spice mix from Masala Mystique

A selection of products for the home and for your skin from Hudson Valley Skin Care.

Annie's Ginger Elixer -
a healthful berry, tea, citrus, and ginger cold remedy that’s great mixed with juice or added to your favorite cocktail


This week's produce offerings are from the following Hudson Valley Farms: 

Dagele Brothers Produce Farm - started in 1919 by John and Josephine after they emigrated from Poland. Now operated by their grandsons, Frank, Robert and Randal Dagele the farm is located in the "Black Dirt" region of Orange County. This farming region sits on land that used to be the bottom of an ancient glacial lake. This provides the soil with rich nutrients, perfect for growing onions, lettuce and other greens. This week's potatoes are coming in from Dagele Brothers.

Hepworth Farm - established 1818, is a seventh-generation family farm in Milton, New York. The farm is located on the Hudson River approximately 75 miles north of New York City. After graduating from Cornell University in 1982, farmer Amy Hepworth assumed leadership and began the process of dechemicalization, transitioning from standard farming practices to a "whole systems approach." The farm is operated by Amy, her twin sister Gail Hepworth and Gerry Greco. Hepworth Farm is certified organic by Northeast Farming Association of New York. This week's onions are from Hepworth.

Migliorelli Farm - located in Tivoli, NY (northern Dutchess County), Migliorelli Farm is run by the third and fourth generation Migliorelli farmers. They feel very strong about utilizing sustainable farming practices, while promoting food safety, freshness, and flavor; cultivation of healthy soils; and preservation of open space. This week's spinach will be coming to us from Migliorelli Farms. 

Samascott Orchards – located in Columbia County, NY Samascott Orchards is way more than just apples! We love their cider, but they grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Samascott is a family owned and operated farm that began operation in the early 1900s. This week's sweet potatoes and asparagus are coming to us from Samascott.

Sun Sprout Farm - located on New York’s famous black dirt in Chester, NY. The land is being leased from the Chester Agricultural Center as part of an innovative farmland preservation project that provides long term, stable leases for high quality farmland.  All of their produce is USDA Certified Organic because they are committed to growing the highest quality and healthiest produce for their customers. This week's carrots and bok choy come to us from Sun Sprout Farm. 

Radicle Farm - Radicle Farm was founded with one goal in mind: to explore the depths of fresh, flavorful and intriguing salad greens. Their journey has included years spent experimenting with countless seed varieties and growing methods in their New York and New Jersey greenhouses, conferring with New York City's top chefs, and partnering with like-minded, progressive farmers to find the very best leafy greens. The result is nutrient dense leafy greens, microgreens and edible flowers that are bursting with flavor, color and freshness. The location of their greenhouse space in upstate NY & NJ was chosen intentionally. They are able to employ rural and urban farmers, while maximizing the growing potential of otherwise forgotten spaces. 


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