Bringing the farm home since 1993 - We were farm to table before it existed!
Stonewood Farm Ground Turkey - Brattleboro Food Co-op

Back by popular demand, we are proud to offer the best tasting turkeys EVER.  Delivered to you by Hudson Milk + Market! 
We specialize in premium quality turkeys with superior flavor and juiciness that can only be grown at Stonewood Farm in Vermont. Three generations of the Stone family live and work on the farm and are responsible for all that goes on.  They are working every day to grow and to process the best turkey you can buy.

All our turkeys are grown in open sided buildings that let in lots of sunlight and fresh air for good ventilation. They are fed all natural vegetable grain with no animal by-product, added fat or antibiotics. This low energy feed produces a more flavorful turkey. The turkeys are grown longer and a bit slower for a full plump bird. Our turkeys are naturally self basting because they have an important layer of fat under the skin which makes a juicy roaster. The turkeys are processed in a spotless Federally inspected building located right on the Stone family farm. 

We are now accepting deposits for Thanksgiving Turkeys, available in ranges of: Small (12-15 lb);  Medium (15-19 lb); Large (19-23 lb)XLarge (23-26)  (call if you want larger). 

We will also have bone in or boneless breasts, please email us and indicate size and type you'd prefer.

(914) 245-0409

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