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What People Say About Hudson Milk Company -

You guys are the absolute best, hands down. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota and your milk tastes like back home. They say you can't go home again, but this comes close to those good old days! I also can't say enough about your local bacon.ummm good! Thanks for all your fresh products and personable service.Tobias G.

Hello! I am writing about the farm basket! It has been a wonderful season! I'm so happy that I participated! I'm not looking forward to the end of the season and will really miss it! :-(. Thanks Karen

It's hard to believe that such a company as Hudson Milk still exists today. Their personal touch is unparalleled. It's like stepping back into another time when people were proud of their business. The MILK is the most delicious you will find anywhere and the butter and local products like REAL maple syrup and GRASS-FED beef are beyond comparison...and the CREAM...unbelievable! Ray R. Briarcliff Manor

I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying my veggie basket. It SO exceeded my expectations - in variety of veggies, quality AND quantity!!!! It has really been phenomenal… thanks for another great idea.D. O Reilly

My new neighbors introduced me to the joy of home dairy delivery from the folks at The Hudson Milk Company. I grew up in Vermont and was astonished that such a service existed in Westchester. Instantly, I started receiving hormone-free milk in glass, recyclable bottles, butter- free range eggs (which they call "run-about"), scrumptious fresh cheeses, and other items as well...Friday morning is like heaven when we bring in the week's delivery!Bonnie T.

You are the most reliable and dependable service around, much better than the Post Office and far more nutritious.Paul G.

We are so delighted with the freshness and wonderful taste of the icy cold glass bottled milk.

Our milkman Tom is so friendly and dependable, they even come early when a snowstorm is predicted so we won't be caught short of supplies. I can't think of any other business that cares so much about their customers.John R.

We just wanted you to know that we are LOVING our weekly produce delivery. Everything is amazing. Tonight we're having the best corn we've ever had and amazing potatoes and string beans. Suffice it to say everything has been absolutely delicious, and we just wanted to say thanks.
J. Goldman

This week's produce sounds delicious. We really enjoyed the corn last week. I made a corn salad with basil, a touch of cider vinegar, minced red onion and salt/pepper. I just recently tried husk cherries and really enjoyed them too. Can't wait!Thanks! Jen

Hudson Milk Company featured in Publications

Bon Appetit Magazine September 2009-

One of the Last of the Old-fashioned Milkmen

North County News, January 2003

For residents of Westchester there is no need to fantasize about years gone by. The Hudson Milk Company delivers milk from New York state farms -- made without growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides -- straight to one's doorstep in reusable glass bottles.

Tom Rubino, has keyed into the growing demand for local, less processed products. ''People like dealing with locals,'' Mr. Rubino said. ''They like the sense of community and knowing where their food is coming from.'' With Hudson Milk, Mr. Rubino, wanted to re-create the atmosphere he remembered from his dad's butcher shop in the Inwood neighborhood of Upper Manhattan. ''He knew all his customers and they knew him,'' Mr. Rubino said. ''They trusted him.''

Hudson Milk's offerings cost about the same as organic supermarket products .Best of all is the taste. The chocolate milk has a rich, delicious, almost malted flavor. The whole milk is a creamy, sweet revelation.

Emily DeNitto

New York Times

(Late Edition – East Coast)

Feb 4, 2007, p. 8

Returning to your doorstep: The milkman.

As American consumers rush toward healthier, home-grown foods, the old-fashioned trade of home milk delivery is making a comeback in pockets around the country. And that appetite for wholesome fare, coupled with rising gas prices, is giving an unexpected marketing boost to some tiny dairies and local milk distributors, helping them compete against larger rivals who saturate store shelves.

In 1994, Tom Rubino opened a delivery service called Hudson Milk Co. in Shrub Oak, N.Y. Today, his operation reaches many homes. His biggest seller is the nostalgic half-gallon glass bottle of milk that Mr. Rubino gets from upstate New York.

Older customers remember the glass bottles fondly and want convenience, Mr. Rubino says, while younger families are more interested in buying locally and making sure their foods don't have unnecessary additives or hormones. "We were lucky and got on a particular trend at the right time," he says.

In addition to milk, Hudson Milk also delivers items like cream, organic eggs, yogurt

Gwendolyn Bounds

Wall Street Journal

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