Bringing the farm home since 1993 - We were farm to table before it existed!
Who We Are

What was started in 1993 by Tom and Therese Rubino as a tribute to nostalgia has evolved into today’s “Farmer’s Market on Wheels.” Tom & Therese had a vision of bringing back the milkman, connecting people to locally sourced food, and helping the environment in the process. Over time they partnered with more farmers and producers. Today, the next generation has taken over. We are Tom & Cindy Rubino and we are passionate about our food system.

Our products are sourced from local farms so that we can be sure about the origins and the quality of food we offer.

What We Do

Do you worry about the food you are feeding your family? Do you wonder what acetate, dextrose, diglycerides, thiamine mononitrate, guar gum, or any of those other ingredients you can’t pronounce are? Do you feel guilty because you don’t always have time to read the labels when you are shopping? Well, so do we! And we believe wholeheartedly that our food system is killing us. That’s why we are committed to partnering only with farmers and producers who share our passion for REAL, minimally (or non) processed food. You can be assured that the products we carry are free from all those impossible-to-pronounce additives found in conventional food. And they are sourced from small, family-owned farms and businesses that follow sustainable practices and treat their animals humanely. This is our commitment to you. We will never carry a product that we are not 100% comfortable feeding our own kids.


We have the BEST team around! If you call or email us you’ll speak to either Tom or Cindy. But the folks that really make the magic happen are the Hudson Milk team of milkmen: Paul, Carlos, Eric, Ronaldo, and Cristian. These are the guys delivering all the deliciousness to your home each week! In the warehouse we have the amazing Bob. Of course, we can’t leave out the future generation of Hudson Milk, Melody, John, Bobby & Matthew (Tom & Cindy’s kids).

Thank you for allowing us to connect our farmers and producers to you and your family!


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