Bringing the farm home since 1993 - We were farm to table before it existed!
Here at Hudson Milk we are committed to sourcing our products from small, family-owned farms where they are committed to sustainability. We are proud of the farmers and producers who we work with.

Battenkill Valley Creamery

New York's Premium Quality Local Milk and Dairy Products - Battenkill Valley Creamery is a growing dairy business founded by Donald and Seth McEachron (4th and 5th generation farmers, respectively.) In February of 2008 Donald and Seth began processing and bottling milk on their family farm in Salem, NY. In February of 2009 they started making their truly homemade, super premium ice cream. BVC's milk is all-natural and 100% traceable.

Back to the Future Farm

Located in Westtown, NY, Back to the Future Farm is owned and operated by Rose, Lee and Joshua Hubbert. The Hubberts are dedicated to raising hormone and antibiotic free dairy cows. Their small herd of GRASS FED Jersey Cows are not a number—they are a part of their family. Each and every member of the herd has a name, and each and every one is loved every single day. For the Hubberts it is not about milk production, but rather about bringing small farms back to a sustainable life. Their milk is non-homogenized, allowing the cream to separate and rise to the top. The milk is pasteurized at the least amount of time and temperature allowed by law—the milk is heated to 161 degrees for 15 seconds and cooled quickly. They hand label and bottle each and every product right on the farm. They never purchase milk from any other farm nor do they ship milk off the farm to a creamery. Milk the old fashioned way—taste the difference!


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